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Why Texas Thrill-Seekers Love Camping at COTA

Campers come from around the globe to experience Austin's sunshine-filled days and vast blue skies. With fourteen nature preserves, fifty miles of hiking trails, and more than 200 parks, there is plenty of room to get out and explore. Visitors come to Austin for kayaking, swimming and sports adventures. But there's more!

The ReV Line Park at COTA offers thrilling experiences for adrenaline junkies, well beyond your traditional camping amenities like propane hookups and showers. From our whizzing zipline, to trackside access to real Formula 1 racing, COTA has the heart-pounding experiences craved by hardcore adventurers!

COTA Karting - We Take Go Karts to a Whole New Level

If you're looking to relieve some stress and get in a few good laughs, the two go-kart tracks at COTA provide the perfect place! With junior carts that top out around 30 mph, to advanced "champion" carts that scoot out at a blistering 55 mph, the whole family can have a blast. Couples can enjoy some time in our double carts, and hand-control go-carts are available for folks with mobility issues.

Want to bring your own go-kart? No problem. We'd love that too — register here to BYOK.

Not everyone is into roaring engines or the fragrance of exhaust. Don't worry. There's more fun to be had.

Tuesday Night is Bike Night at COTA

During the warmer months, cyclists get the chance to take on COTA's 3.4-mile circuit. This rain-or-shine event offers an opportunity for riders to cruise our legendary track without the worry of city traffic. We'll start at 6 pm and ride until dark.

Afterward, cyclists replenish and recharge in our Paddock Biergarten for an ice-cold drink (alcoholic or not), followed by a mouth-watering cookout and great conversations.

Helmets are strongly encouraged for every rider, and cyclists under 18 are required to wear them.

When we say rain or shine, we mean it! This event will go on unless the weather is expected to be truly dangerous, with torrential rain or heavy lightning.

Recumbent bikes and electric bikes are welcome too.

There's still more to do at ReV Line Park at COTA in Austin. Keep reading!

Take a Relaxing Tour of COTA

With all the excitement and adventure happening around camp, sometimes it's nice to hop in a shuttle and rest your feet, and let someone else do the entertaining for a while.

Explore COTA, Texas' world-class racing and entertainment destination with a guided tour. The Insiders Guided Shuttle Tour makes interesting stops at notable points around the Circuit like:

Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour. You'll love the opportunities for candid "selfies" at our world-renowned experiential camping destination!

The Exhilaration of The Audi Driving Experience

COTA and Audi of America are proud to bring you the thrill of the Audi driving experience. Showcasing the power and performance of Audi R & RS models, the Audi driving experience offers four options for drivers of every skill level. All driver levels are welcome!

Whether you aspire to be a competitive driver, or you're a novice looking for a one-of-a-kind thrill, the exhilaration is utterly unmatched by any other track driving situation.

Throughout your Audi Driving Experience, our professional instructors will keep your adrenaline pumping, as they teach you the driving techniques needed to extract every ounce of performance from these 394 to 444 horsepower machines.

Show off your skills as you:

If the Audi Driving Experience seems a little intimidating, fear not! COTA has more amazing experiences, both on and off the track.

Explore All of Austin - Thrills Around the Campground

Adrenaline-junkies rejoice in the exceptional weather, stunning views, and low fuel costs outside of the campground too. If you're ready to explore other areas around Austin, COTA makes the ideal base camp for:

Maybe you're ready to get back to nature with some outdoorsy experiences. Austin is home to many!

Bouldering - Rock Climbing's Most Adventurous Experiences

In case you haven't heard, bouldering is the hottest sport for rock climbers of all experience levels. The Austin Bouldering Project offers classes to get you started in the sport, which is basically rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials.

Leave behind safety ropes and harnesses, and just climb! Choose your shoes and a bag of chalk over safety mats. The goal of the sport is to climb short but challenging rock-climbing "problems" using your balance, technique, raw strength, and a plan.

World-Class Rock Climbing and Bouldering at Reimer's Ranch in Austin

Home to nearly 300 rock climbing routes and bouldering challenges, there's something for every kind of climber at Reimer's Ranch. Experienced climbers consider Reimers Ranch as world-class climbing, but there are endless routes for everyone to try.

The highest route at Reimers Ranch is 92 feet. Novices find it a great learning experience, and even the most experienced climbers find it a technical challenge. With Austin's outstanding weather, these climbs are safe (well, as safe as rock climbing ever gets) all year round.

All this exploring, go-karting, touring and rock-climbing is bound to work up a mean appetite in any Texan! Good thing Austin is also home to outstanding dining experiences.

Adventurous Dining Experiences in Austin

We've touched on this a little with other blog entries. ReV Line Park at COTA is a central location for adventures of the palette. Downtown Austin is home to amazing steakhouses, world-famous BBQ and the freshest choices in seafood. Say goodbye to the grill and head into town for a dining adventure you'll remember forever.

From a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to roar around the racetrack in an Audi to go-kart fun for the family, to outdoor experiences like rock-climbing for every level climber, COTA has the blood-pumping experiences Texas thrill-seekers crave! Want to learn more about experiential camping at COTA? Reach out to us today. We'd love to help you plan your trip!